Aslotel Provides Luxury Hotel Toiletries And Supplies At Affordable Prices To Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals And Cafes


Aslotel, 27 August 2022- Aslotel offers quality hotel supplies, toiletries, equipment and accessories at the best rates. Their product quality speaks for itself. You can visit their website and browse hundreds of hotel supplies. Aslotel sources supplies from all over the world. Therefore, they are considered a hotel supplies specialist and boasts a high client retention rate.

Aslotel is a privately owned company established in 1978. They understand their clients’ needs and provide quality supplies to help them offer a great experience to their guests while saving money. They are passionate about helping their clients in hospitality and hotel management. Their team has over forty years of experience designing and supplying hotel supplies.

Aslotel has a wide range of clientele and has worked with several international hotels and cuisine lines. They build lasting relationships with their clients and assist them at all times. Aslotel appreciates client feedback and helps hoteliers find quality hotel supplies within their budget. Aslotel offers dispensers, kitchen equipment, toiletries, trays, hairdryers, kettles, and bedroom and bathroom equipment, among many more. They are recognised as global hotel equipment suppliers and have a five-star rating. Their team pays attention to the budget, performance and design of their hotel equipment and supplies. To get more information, visit

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