Clayton Horsnell Ltd Provides All Plumbing Necessities To People; Their Products Are Faced With Love And Handled With Care


Clayton Horsnell Ltd, 23 August 2021, Clayton Horsnell Ltd is a family business that has worked as a plumbing and heating retailer for over forty years.

Clayton Horsnell Ltd adds personal touches and comfort to their homes. They leave no stone unturned to bring their customers with the best products to suit their needs.

In 2021, Clayton Horsnell Ltd provides their customers services like baths, suites, plumbing pipes, towel rails, radiators, and taps. Bathrooms are more than areas just to freshen up. They are the place that soothes your soul and makes you relaxed after a long day’s work.

Clayton Horsnell Ltd provides each product you can think of in the heating and the plumbing industry. From conventional to unconventional collections, there is something for everyone.

Established in 2006, Clayton Horsnell Ltd has progressed from strength to strength. You can find everything here, from long-term plumbing systems to shower enclosures; you name it, they have it. Customers can purchase products reflecting their personality with Clayton Horsnell Ltd’s unique collections. From snug spaces to big spaces, there are collections that suit the needs of all types of customers. Clayton Horsnell Ltd specialises in bathrooms spaces, shower enclosures, hot water radiators, heated towel rails and racks. They understand the bathroom is your own space where you can calm yourself and get ready to face the world head-on! For more information, visit

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Address: Unit 6 Corporation Yard
2A Harwich Road, Colchester
Essex, CO43BN, United Kingdom
Phone: 08445044499