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215 Hawken Dr, St Lucia
QLD 4067, Australia

Get Affordable Dental Care For Your Complete Family

St Lucia, Queensland, 18 August 2022- St Lucia Dental provides affordable dental care to their patients 24*7. They have over fifty years of experience and offer excellent dental services to students, locals and children. Apart from general and cosmetic dentistry, they provide child dentistry services as well.

Dr Don Anderson founded St Lucia Dental in 1968; the practice was passed over to Dr Angus Quinn in 2008 and has been an avid dental professionals for generations. They expand their services to suit all dental needs, including teeth whitening, gum disease treatment and dental implants under one roof.

St Lucia Dental is one of the most diverse and dynamic practices and have a solid client base. St Lucia Dental is a local pillar of the community and is guided by their values. Their team works and interacts with their patients, making them feel at home. St Lucia Dental engages their industry partners and builds a mutual relationship of trust and professional excellence. They have many feathers on their cap and provide general, medical, and cosmetic dentistry to their patients. St Lucia Dental do not believe in financially burdening their clients; you can check out their payment process on their website. welcomes you to be a part of their inspiration.


If you want to know more about restorative and general dentistry, visit and don’t hesitate to contact them for questions and queries.