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Herb Jackson Jr

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Herb Jackson Jr, 25 July 2022- Herb Jackson Jr is a jack of all trades and aims to make five minutes of his fans’ day the best five minutes ever! You can visit his website and learn more about this amazing celebrity and how he started his journey. He believe sharing his life experiences with his fans is the best way to connect with them. He has amassed over 16,000 flight hours and holds multiple aircraft ratings. Apart from being a pilot, Herb is also a successful model and actor. All his fans love him and his work.

You can know what challenges he faced and get to know his real side. Herb Jackson Jr has spent a long time in the entertainment industry and now creates vlogs of his life happenings. Herb loves to inspire youngsters and educates them about his past struggles and experiences.

Herb Jackson Jr is an aviator, TV actor and host and enjoys a loyal fan base. People who are curious to know about his life happenings and what projects he is working on currently, can visit his website. His fans have good things to say about his personality and feel he motivates them to do their best. You can check out his show ‘Five Minutes With Herb’ and rewind yourself after a long day at work. welcomes the die-hard of fans of Herb Jackson Jr.


If you want to know more about Herb Jackson Jr’s acting career or watch his video podcasts, visit and don’t hesitate to contact him at if you are struggling in the acting field.