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Booze Cruise Barcelona
Carrer Ferran 17
1-2, 08002
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, 4 October 2021, Booze Cruise Barcelona provides an amazing boat party experience to its guests. They organize different boat party events to help you have a great time.They are the best and are well-known in Barcelona, and their parties are over the top and are adored by people. Its mission is to create a relaxing, inviting, and exciting party experience. Guests are served with free party shirts while heading to their homes.

Partying is a fun activity that relaxes the mind and refreshes the entire body. For a relaxing feel and entertaining party, register yourself with Booze Cruise Barcelona, and their incomparable party event will blow your mind.

Booze Cruise Barcelona has been organizing cruise boat parties in the open water since 2005. With years of experience, they help you throw the best party of the year. Their popularity surpasses geographical boundaries, and people from all around the globe register themselves to attend their party. The entity offers a two-hour cruise party that is filled with thrill and entertainment. There is no shortage of drinks and peppy games. Even when the party is over, individuals receive passes for the nightclub. They organize live events, private corporate events, champaign cruise boat parts, and more.

Booze Cruise Barcelona provides other variations for boat parties such as bbq boat parties and champagne sunset cruises. Thus, the best partying experience is just a click away. Their team gives fantastic boat party options to suit your needs, from relaxing swims and sails to crazy parties. welcomes you to take their boat cruise party experience


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