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Flapper Boutique
PO Box 6774
Gold Coast MC, QLD
9726, Australia

100% Genuine Costume Style Flapper Dresses For Various Events

Australia, 13 October 2021, Flapper Boutique began with a motivation to give unique contemporary flapper dresses to its customers. They discovered a massive demand for nineties gatsby and flapper dresses in the market, so they began creating tailored flapper dresses for the buyers.

Flapper Boutique’s mission is to deliver an endless collection of 1920 inspired flapper dresses to customers for themed parties, photoshoots, galas, and many other occasions. They are the first and only business offering 1920’s Flapper Dress & Accessories in town. Moreover, they provide the best product at the right price.

Flapper Boutique was started in late 2018 to offer clients the best quality flapper dresses and accessories. The online store offers an assortment of fabulous collections of flapper dresses for all sizes and body types. Unlike other stores, the products’ pictures are as true as they can be and you get exactly the same dress you see on the site.

Their mission is to give a premium range of flapper dresses to their clients. Flapper Boutique offers the best designs and high-quality fabrics. Their team of manufacturers and designers handpicks each design and sees if the dresses fit industry guidelines. welcomes you to the world of roaring 20s.


If you would like further information on the best flapper dresses online, please visit and contact them at in case if you’ve any inquiries in regards to it.