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St Anthony Dental

Suite 1/ 63-65 Ramsay Rd
Five Dock (Sydney), NSW
2046, Australia

They Aim To Provide Accessible Dental Treatments To Their Patients

Sydney, 16 December 2022- St Anthony Dental aims to assist their patients in the best possible manner by offering several treatments under one roof. Their patients trust them as they provide unbiased views and help them with several dental situations. St Anthony Dental has a team of hardworking dental professionals and feel their work comes from the heart. They wish to contribute to the clients’ oral health and remain true to their work ethics. You can contact their team and get instant feedback.

St Anthony Dental wishes to take the stress off their clients shoulders and make their dental treatment journey worthwhile. You can contact them anytime by booking online appointments. Their past patients have highly regarded their patient care and feel their team is knowledgeable and efficient. St Anthony Dental uses the latest dental technology and laser dental services to provide instant relief.

You can visit St Anthony Dental’s website to get the best results and get your lost teeth back. They understand dental emergencies can occur anytime and wish to provide appropriate feedback to their clients. Their team makes the clients feel at ease and guides them through the entire process. St Anthony Dental aims to help their clients understand dental procedure complexity and take the pain out of the dental procedures. St Anthony Dental provides dental implants, same day crowns, laser dentistry, veneers and onlays among many more. welcomes you to be a part of their inspiration.


If you want to know more about their dental services and professional oral consultation, visit and don’t hesitate to contact them at if you have any queries.