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Tooth Heaven
249 Racecourse Road, Kensington
3031, VIC, Australia

A Modern And Sophisticated Dental Clinic With All The Latest Amenities

Kensington, 16 December, 2021- Tooth Heaven is the best dental clinic in town, and its mission is to provide dental facilities to their clients 24*7. The team of Tooth Heaven is known to do things differently than other people in the dental industry.

You can contact Tooth Heaven if you want a dental clinic that treats you with uttermost respect and has the latest dental equipment and technology. They are modern clinics and focus on treating their patients with the most recent innovations. Their clinics and staff are trained to understand the clients’ needs completely and deal with them friendly. They believe in assisting their patients during their entire dental treatments.

Tooth Heaven is a one-stop solution to your whole family’s dental needs and treats their patients like family. Their services are affordable and fit in people’s budgets. Some of their services include general & restorative dentistry, teeth fixes, teeth straightening, kid dentistry, oral treatments, among many more.

Tooth Heaven invests in all its patients and offers them the finest treatments. All its dental practitioners make time out of their busy schedules and enrol in the latest dental courses to keep themselves ahead of others. Tooth Heaven believes in changing lives in a positive manner. They are not just a clinic with four walls, they invest their time, energy and effort to make the world a better place to live in. welcomes you to be a part of their thoughtfulness and inspiration.


If you want to know more about their family dental services, visit and don’t hesitate to contact them in case if you’ve any questions regarding it.