Go Tenant Ltd Helps Landlords Stay Compliant And Deal With Tenant Hassles


Go Tenant Ltd, 29 July, 2021—Go Tenant Ltd is a property management software that aids in checking in and checking out of the tenants, thus helping landlords save heaps of time.

Go Tenant Ltd strives to provide the best to the landlords. You do not need to worry about spreadsheets, paperwork, emails. They will fulfil your compliance needs as well. You can join Go Tenant Ltd now and see for yourself; this system is fully designed to find prospective tenants for your properties by conducting surveys.

In 2021, Go Tenant Ltd provides websites, screen tenants options and allow you to manage viewings and registration with the help of your internet connection. Some remarkable features help you manage multiple properties at once. Live tension-free and get notified about the rent payments. Get electronic certificates and electronic signatures on AST’s instantly.

Established by Rick Gannon, Ian and Sue Etchells, Go Tenant Ltd makes the landlord’s journey as easy as it gets. Use this system and get the peace of mind you deserve, know about maintenance issues and fix them with ease. Get quick access to your information and legal documents. Go Tenant Ltd provides a flexible and comprehensive system that helps you look professional in front of tenants. For more information, please visit https://gotenant.co.uk/

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