Remora Cleaning LTD Is London’s Top Contract And Residential Cleaning Firm That Has Worked With Several Clients Throughout The Years


Remora Cleaning LTD, October 02, 2021—Remora Cleaning LTD works with public, private, and corporate clients to deliver industry-leading cleaning services. It has a team of specialized cleaners that do not compromise on quality.

Though Remora Cleaning LTD specializes in residential and contract cleaning, it also provides many bespoke services to suit every need of its clients. The team prides itself on serving every need of its clients, no matter how unusual it is. Remora Cleaning LTD works with real estate agents, private owners, landlords, or tenants and offers the best cleaning job to all.

In 2021, Remora Cleaning LTD is delivering excellence. They have eleven full-time working teams who are fully trained and skilled to help their clients receive the best service. Their team is experienced and knows which cleaning techniques are best for their clients. Their services include residential cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, housekeeping, hazardous waste disposal, police vehicle cleaning and crime scene cleaning.

Remora Cleaning LTD provides their services to individuals and companies at affordable rates. They offer a wide range of services and take extreme pride in doing their job well. Remora Cleaning LTD cares about the environment and their workers; that is why the company offers a high living wage and does not believe in taking advantage of the gig economy. They have equipment that minimizes the environmental impact, produces less waste and uses environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning. Get started now with the best cleaning services. For more information, visit

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