Revolutionizing Business Conversations: Glassix Unveils The Ultimate Unified Inbox- One Inbox, Countless Smiles


Glassix, January 20, 2023 — Glassix, a trailblazer in customer communications, announces the launch of its revolutionary unified inbox, transforming the way businesses manage conversations across channels and chatbots. With the mantra “One inbox to rule them all,” Glassix aims to streamline interactions, reclaim time, and unleash unparalleled customer experiences.

Glassix introduces a unified inbox that enables businesses to manage all their conversations effortlessly. Whether it’s AI-driven interactions or personal greetings, Glassix provides a singular platform to streamline communication channels, resulting in refined interactions and delighted customers.

Glassix’s customer communications platform empowers companies and small businesses to drive customer delight through personalized and automated interactions. Leveraging the visual chatbot builder, businesses can design automated flows coupled with Conversational AI. Deploying these interactions simultaneously across all channels with just one click.

Glassix facilitates teams to converse like pros, effortlessly automating interactions that make customers go ‘wow’. The platform’s commitment to ease of use and efficiency ensures that businesses can focus on delivering exceptional products and services while Glassix takes care of communication seamlessly.

Glassix invites businesses to join the conversation transformation. By adopting the Glassix platform, companies can elevate their customer interactions to new heights, fostering engagement and loyalty. From AI to Hi, Glassix provides the tools needed to refine interactions, save time, and create unforgettable customer experiences. For more information about Glassix and its unified inbox solution, visit

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