The Therapy Centre Provides Cognitive Therapy, Depression Counselling And Psychotherapy At Affordable Prices


The Therapy Centre, 16 August 2022- The Therapy Centre provides quick and easy psychotherapy and counselling to its patients and helps them improve their mental health. Their team of therapists make their patients feel at home before beginning the counselling sessions. The Therapy Centre helps poeple deal with anxiety, LGBTQ issues, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, depression, loss and grief, fertility issues, among many more. Their team is associated with the Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP) and the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (IAHIP).

The Therapy Centre firmly believes everyone needs someone to talk to; it can be a mentor, a friend or even a stranger. That is why they are here to help people get the best counselling from a team of expert therapists. They are dedicated to providing the best therapy to their patients and helping them improve their mental health. Their team follows the highest therapy standards and has helped several patients lead a happy life.

The Therapy Centre has the best therapy experts who offer various types of therapies as per the patient’s condition. Some common therapies offered at The Therapy Centre are humanistic, polyvagal theory, choice theory, body psychotherapy, integrative, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy, and solution-focused therapies. The Therapy Centre offers inclusive space and swift access to treatment as they offer appointments from early morning to late evening and at weekends too. They have the experience to help patients and allow them to have a life-changing experience. All their past patients are doing well in life and are thankful to their team of counsellors. To get more information, visit

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