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Waterford, Ireland, 1 August 2022- The TEFL Institute is a certified and government regulated TEFL course provider trusted by many people. They are a renowned TEFL/TESOL course provider and have been given a five-star rating by their clients. You can read about each course duration and how it can help you in future on their website and advance your career.

You can browse through several English training courses which suit your convenience on their website. The TEFL Institute offers their learners accredited, government-regulated, and classroom-based TEFL courses. Their mission is to allow people to complete their TEFL course in their own time and learn at their own pace. Their team does not believe in overwhelming their clients with information and helps them in their research.

The TEFL Institute offers TEFL courses for native and non-native speakers. They assist people whose dream is to teach and positively impact the students’ lives worldwide. You can contact them if you wish to get TEFL qualified and get a wide array of career opportunities. People can choose any course they want to and stand apart from the crowd. You can find the ideal course you are looking for with their help. The TEFL Institute’s courses do not require previous training or certification. People can a;sp visit their website to learn about TEFL job openings and internships. You can opt for fast-track, government-regulated, specialised TEFL courses online. welcomes you to be a part of their inspiration.


If you want to know more about TEFL courses and certifications, visit and don’t hesitate to contact them at for questions and queries.